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Every year, on the first Saturday of August; The island is alive with the sound of music, the smell of the best local food, a variety of thirst quenching bars and the happy buzz of the whole community- Locals and Visitors, young and old- appreciating this incredible summer setting surrounded by the sea.  


Now coming into its Fourth year, the Disco is quickly becoming a highlight of the St.Ives (& dare I say it!?) Cornish Calendar. So how did it all begin ?


The Summer Island Disco was set up in 2017 by Tassy Swallow of SurfHouse St.Ives, with the aim of showing the community her appreciation for the support she had behind her social enterprise initiative grass roots venture- which became possible following the success of her Crowdfunder project:


The first Summer Island Disco was run with just a capacity of 500 people as it was difficult to see how many people might venture of the beach and up to the island, but during the course of day we had over 2,500 people in and out the doors and most importantly all with a smile on their face- dancing the day away in the sunshine! From there, it was obvious the disco was going to have to become an annual event for everyone to be able to look forward to….


This year, as our Licensed Capacity grows, money from every ticket purchased by you guys will go straight into this community event allowing us to think bigger and better , with more fun in the sun for everyone in this epic location.

 The Summer Island Disco’s main mission is to get together a selection of the finest food and drink vendors, musicians, businesses with Pop-Up stalls and quirky activities- all Local- taking place in an otherwise relatively unappreciated part of the town during the summer months. A part of the town very close to most locals’ hearts- meaning the most important part that we’ll never forget, as the sun sets and it’s all over for another year- not a trace of island discoing is left behind on that green green grass!





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Summer Island Disco 2022
is proud to have support from:

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